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    Today I am going to continue a little bit on the blood loss article I wrote about earlier. I will be writing about QuikClot. What is QuikClot, you may ask? QuikClot is a hemostatic gauze which assists in blood clotting. What is a hemostatic? Hemostatic agents draw together and constrict… … 

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    To Preserve Life and Liberty Through Excellence in Training

    The above quote isn’t from a famous writer or some well know altruistic savior from some battlefield that was strewn with remnants of men and horses. Nope, not famous at all, but the words are very powerful. If we break this motto down it takes on two very important aspects… … 

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    The Seven Steps to Sustaining Life in Hostile Conditions

    Intro: The ability to save a life is different than the ability to sustain a life in a trauma situation. Even though you may be successful at sustaining a casualties vitals, many factors influence whether they survive. These variables or factors are also affected by the casualties over all state… … 

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  • Work for us!

    As we are working to rebuild all of our previous content, we want to extend an invitation to all writers or aspiring writers to work for us! Send me an email to homecombat@gmail.com in order to inquire! We hope to hear from you. Our next issue is slated to come… … 

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  • Please Bear With Us

    Please bear with us, something went wrong during the transfer to our new website and everything was lost. We are doing the best we can to bring everything back up quickly and smoothly. We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we do! … 

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  • Knives and Flashlights

    By Patrick Hill An EDC (Every Day Carry) kit is like a cookbook recipe and situational awareness to your EDC will dictate how you alter it, but for a standard set up there are two items that you absolutely need to have with you; a knife and flashlight. When I… … 

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  • Getting A Headlock on Kydex

    By: Patrick Hill In the winter of 2011 Derek Hill (no relation to the author), owner and sole operator of Headlock Holsters Custom Kydex in Show Low, Ariz., produced the very first holster for his GLOCK 19. Like many shooting enthusiasts he wanted more from his gear. Off the shelf… … 

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